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Servers are meant to provide various services to a workgroup. In a small business or home settings, a single computer can provide the same services on a much smaller scale. Why would you want your own server? Perhaps you want absolutely secure email that you host yourself.

The full list of services provided by macOS Server includes:. Apple has democratized the server, taking it out of the purview of IT departments and placing it in the capable hands of anyone who owns a Mac. When you need to change a setting or reboot the mini, you can do it from your everyday Mac. Once the purchase is complete, the macOS Server app is downloaded and installed in the Applications folder.

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Launching macOS Server is just like launching any other app — double-click the app icon. The tutorials are quite useful, although they tend to put a simple spin on what can be frustrating and time-consuming setup steps. Getting that done correctly the first time is critical to making sure that everything else works properly. Very unfair for Apple to force people to upgrade. Can somebody point me the way? Logically this is sound but wanted to know if there are any simple ways to get this done. Is print server absent, or just overlooked in the listing of possible server duties?

MacOS Server is a tremendous server, really easy to manage.

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Many wishes to Apple to give the Remote Desktop Server available… a big gap to fill. As I read, documentation is really poor for that good app…. Would it tax my system 2. The File Sharing and Time Machine modules are somewhat intuitive because they largely follow the paradigm used in the non-server Mac OS — so the Missing Manual book helps here.

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This will make installing and configuring the server as easy as setting up a desktop Mac. The key is that the Mac must be able to run OS X They can either be external hard drives connected via FireWire, or for desktop Macs, internal hard drives. The size and number of drives is dependent on your particular needs, but my advice is not to scrimp here. For most of us, this decision will be determined by the Mac hardware we happen to have lying around. For most uses, a G4 or later Mac will more than suffice.

LOVE: Apple offers plenty of customization for the Mac Mini.

That being said, there are a few hardware specs that would help our file server perform at its best. Ideally, your file server should be one of the faster nodes on your network. This will help ensure it can respond to requests from multiple Macs on the network in a timely fashion.

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A network adapter that supports Fast Ethernet Mbps should be considered the minimum. Luckily, even that old G4 should have this capability built in. If your network supports Gigibit Ethernet, then one of the later model Macs with built-in Gigibit Ethernet would be an even better choice. Surprisingly, memory is not an important factor for a file server.

Just make sure you have enough RAM to run Leopard without bogging down. The only real problem with using a laptop is that its drive and internal data buses are not designed to be speed demons. You can get around some of these issues by using one or more external hard drives connected via FireWire. By the way, the same slower hard drive and data buses are present in the Mac mini, since the mini uses laptop components. Choosing one or more hard drive can be as simple as making do with what you already have installed in the Mac; you can also add one or more internal or external drives.

You will also have a choice to make regarding hard drive cost. Externals are a good choice as well, for both desktop and laptop Macs. For laptops, you can gain a performance boost by adding a RPM external drive.

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External drives are also easy to add to a desktop Mac, and have the added benefit of removing a heat source from the interior of the Mac. If you decide to use external hard drives, consider how you will make the connection. From slowest to fastest, here are the connection types you can use:.

USB 2. FireWire There are a few things to consider that may persuade you to perform a fresh install of OS X In my own example, my repurposed G4 had GB of data on the startup drive.

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