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Here are the detailed release notes. We downloaded and installed Camino v0. Since Camino is only a web browser, it is small. It also renders web sites quickly.

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We get an SSL Disabled error message when we try to go to secure servers and can not find where to turn SSL on, a significant limitation. Aspyr's Battlefield Mac Coming at End of this Month: Aspyr Studios has just put the finishing touches on Battlefield Mac , and it should be shipping to stores towards the end of June.

The game has full compatibility with PC players, letting you play one of the most popular online games in recent years with all of your friends. Battlefield drops gamers directly into the heat of battle during World War II. Fighting on land, in the sea, and in the air, the game includes 16 famous battle sites such as, Omaha Beach, Stalingrad and Wake Island. With the ability to control more than 35 authentic Axis and Allied vehicles and select from five distinct character classes, players are faced with incredible choices in their plan of action.

Players have dozens of options in vehicles and weaponry to exert their superior power and defeat the enemy. Choose from fighter planes, dive-bombers, or heavy bombers to gain the edge in the air. Take control of the sea with battleships, destroyers and landing craft. And, prove land dominance with a range of armored vehicles. Of course, sidearms are essential to any successful combat mission, and Battlefield provides gamers with authentic World War II choices: sniper rifles, sub-machine guns, rocket launchers, and much more.

Brown is Adobe's creative director. According to Apple, music fans in the UK, France and Germany have purchased and downloaded more than , songs from the iTunes Music Store since its launch one week ago, with more than , sold in the UK alone. The H. The rental fee includes training and AirPort networking.

Maine Gov. Baldacci pledged to seek state funding for the expansion to all high schools in the next legislative session before the bill comes due. It looks like the minimum will be met according to the top state education official. Louis and Denver. The legislation would allow people to make a small number of copies of copyrighted and copy-protected digital material for personal use. According to the article,.

USBVision 1.1 adds better AppleScript support, more

The Apple Developer Connection has published an article to learn how to get started with HIView control types, which bring Carbon developers significant improvements in control management, drawing, and custom controls. Need an extra incentive? Register by June 25 and get an event shirt. Discounted registration ends July 5 and space is limited, so don't delay. Registration ends July 5. The update contains the files to be installed manually that bring the Mac edition of Call of Duty to version 1.

It also adds Punkbuster anti-cheat support and a new map, Stalingrad, to the Mac edition. We downloaded and installed the 1. Call of Duty launched with no problems, maintaining our preferences, so we played a "few" games. There are many more Wintel servers than were available among just Macs at version 1. We were able to play on many servers, those with and without Punkbuster enabled. During 2 hours of play we had one lockup, though, the first we've had with Call of Duty.

It happened as we were attacking in Danville and a team mate next to me tossed a grenade.

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We don't know if it was the server or our game client that caused the problem but we couldn't clear it without holding down the power button to force a shutdown. The offending server was still running when we got back up so it was probably our client. We played servers with friendly fire on and did not run into any servers with people engaging in team killing as we found among Mac servers running v1.

usbvision mac os x

II, and more. Along with dramatic improvements in screen sharing performance, Apple Remote Desktop 2 includes more than 50 new features for centrally managing Mac OS X systems. Here is Apple's press release for further details. However, more clusters are being built using Intel processors including one for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory that may be 10 times Japans Earth Simulator according to this MacCentral article.

Still, the Mac systems seem to be more cost effective, at least to those who have done an analysis:. Apple Further Expanded iBook Extended Warranty Program: The Expanded iBook Logic Board Repair Extension Program is a worldwide program covering repair or replacement of the logic board in iBook models manufactured between May and October that are experiencing specific component failures, i. Medal of Honor Allied Assault is the oldest of the two but its Breakthrough expansion pack just arrived for the Mac within the last couple of weeks.

Call of Duty came out just over a month ago. We thoroughly enjoyed it and quickly bought our own copy. We only play the on-line multiplayer MP versions after learning the controls and maps with a bit of play in single player SP mode. We also mostly play the Team Deathmatch game type, although we've played some of each type, including Breakthrough's new Liberation game type. So our comments are on the multiplayer versions from on-line play of mostly the Team Deathmatch game type. Our game rig is an original dual 2. We're running Mac OS X We run the games at x resolution to keep the frame rate up but go for most of the eye candy: 32 bit color, medium texture, decals, weather, texture compression.

We also use RadeonEnabler 1. The new maps are of North African and Italian scenes. Italian skins are new and there are a few new skins among American, British, German and Russian soldiers as well but the underlying computer model is or seems the same. Breakthough has italian weapons and also has new vehicles in SP mode.

A new game style, Liberation, is included. Fast running, which we like, is a built-in server option rather than a mod. Without fast running, movement in the MoHAA series seems like one is slogging through molasses or deep sand. While we've played Breakthrough for a week, we still haven't played all of the new maps since there are few Breakthough servers and they also cycle through the previous maps as well as the new ones.

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Among them, the street fight in Bologna is our favorite--it is a little more complex than the Tunisia and Palermo maps. Monte Battaglia would give Bologna some serious competition for our favorite if it weren't flawed, at least on most servers, with at least two places where one can walk through the scene's boundaries--one entrance to the tunnel under the lift annd the other outside the main wall.

In the new Liberation game style, when one gets "killed" one is imprisioned in the opponents jail until freed by a team member or the game ends with one entire team jailed.


We found this to be a very boring game style, like freeze tag or rounds. Breakthrough also seems to have a video flaw or at least a dramatic change from Spearhead that we don't like. When playing the original MoHAA and Spearhead maps via Breakthrough, they appear to be much hazier and distance visibility is significantly reduced in some maps.

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  • The difference is easy to see if one switches back and forth between Breakthrough and Spearhead on the same server playing the same game with the same graphics settings. It is most noticeable to us when playing the Flugenhagen map where we have "perfected" play with the sniper rifle. The really good thing about Breakthrough is that if one is bored with the Spearhead map set, one gets 9 additional maps to master.

    There are also very few instances of immature jerks who intentionally kill team mates. Unfortunately, the cheats that are increasingly taking the fun out of MoHAA Spearhead, despite server claims to the contrary, also appear to work in Breakthrough. However, the player models are much more realistic in our opinion. The uniforms skins are not customizable as in MoHAA but the models move more realistically and have 3 positions standing, crouching or prone rather than 2.

    The accuracy of all weapons in CoD is related the player's position and speed of movement and is the highest when in the prone position. Fortunately, there are fewer if any cheats yet for CoD so play is much more fun. The biggest problem with CoD is that most of the servers have friendly fire turned on and they are frequented by immature "children" who engage in massive team member killing for attention instead of choosing a free for all game style and competing equitably.