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I really believe that individual change leads to societal change—relationships with people who are not like us is where the change begins. These relationships are not the sole answer, but they will lead us to the answers. That is how we will change the culture. For everyone out there in the world braving the elements, TobyMac has served up a musical invitation to stand firm and let go of the worry that can beat a soul down.

Music Review: TobyMac, "Alive & Transported" Live CD

To find strength in faith and love in family. Here's what CWFA says Blurring the boundaries between rock, pop, hip hop and urban genres, tobyMac creates music that is both uniquely fresh and accessible. Over the span of a year career, he has become a relevant voice to youth culture through consistent delivery of the undeniable best in music - which demands the right to be heard. TobyMac's music is of the Devil, totally void of any Biblical or Christian content.

Street life? The band dc Talk has also yoked up with homosexuals When Hogue told his son that he was gay, the judge sentenced him to 2 days in jail and took away some of his visitation rights. Now, a state court of Appeals has ruled it was wrong to Hogue to put the Christian music producer in jail. However, the appeals said it found nothing wrong with the lower court's shielding the child from the gay lifestyle.

Hogue has worked with well-known Christian contemporary artists such as DC Talk. He still claims to be a Christian and some Christian artists still work with him. TobyMac is NOT living a separated Christian life, he is yoked together with the works of darkness and the children of the Devil.

It's hard to believe that religious parents are actually naive enough to accept this filth as "Christian. They also endorse Harry Potter's witchcraft and accepting one's homosexuality. TobyMac's music is nothing more than Eminem or Snoop Dog repackaged. I have nothing personal against tobyMac, not at all; but his music is NOT Christian in any sense of the word.

I'm not exposing tobyMac, I'm exposing his work of darkness. I triple-dog dare you to show me the Gospel on TobyMac's website. Show me how to be saved, how to go to Heaven in TobyMac's website How can TobyMac claim to be a "Christian," and not even have the simple plan of salvation on his website anywhere? Like I said, Millions of young people are flocking to his website without ever having the Gospel presented to them. Where in tobyMac's music does he present a clear explanation of the Gospel? You have to make a choice.

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You cannot follow the world and Jesus. If you choose tobyMac and DC Talk , then you are on the carnal world's side. The Scriptures I have shared with you speak for themselves. The CCM rockers hate my guts and have come out against me, maliciously attacking me, but I'll preach against worldly music, be it secular or so-called Christian, until the Lord takes me home to glory!

TobyMac promotes the same diversity that is fueling the ecumenical movement , tolerance for homosexuality , and the economic destruction of America all promoting the New World Order. As Christians, we are to reject, avoid, and reprove every form of evil. The Devil has caused many Christians to fall by the wayside, erring from the faith, accepting the demonic philosophies and darkness of the lost world. Christianity Today magazine recently endorsed Harry Potter.

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Church leaders praise Bill Clinton. Our nations religious leaders praise the Pope. A church in Tennessee recently called an ordained lesbian to be their pastor. I am simply concerned that so many sincere young people are being misled into believing that it is acceptable to dress, sing, and act like TobyMac. It is NOT acceptable according to the Bible.

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We are to be separated from the world TobyMac's music is vomit to God. The Devil is always trying to corrupt our youth. Let the heathen rage if they don't like the truth. The Devil's crowd accuses the righteous of being hateful; but it is Biblical hatred for sin, NOT people. Psalm commands us to HATE I do NOT hate TobyMac at all, or anyone else; but I will stand uncompromisingly without apology against anyone who dares name the name of Christ while trying to corrupt our young people with worldly music.

I'd would like to echo the words of Jesus Christ Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? Granted, any honest person would have to admit that there is worldly music that they like, singers that inspire then, and bands that they favor. The singers are unsaved.

One of the most beautiful songs ever sang is, Then There Was You , by The Beatles; but many of their other songs promote Communism, sexual immorality, substance abuse, and rebellion. So as believers, even though some may honestly admit to enjoying the world's music which is human ; we ought not listen to it, nor support their wickedness, because of what the singers represent.

TobyMac Gives Update on DC Talk Reunion, Jesus Freak Cruise - The Christian Post

The entire music industry is against God. Sin is fun according to the Bible, i. All of the heathen music aired over the radio today is sang by godless, wicked and reprobate singers; who sold themselves to serve the Devil as did king Ahab 1st Kings Is it sinful to sing an old Roy Rogers song? I don't think it is. I don't think it's wrong to sing a Hawaiian song, such as Beyond the Reef , just because their culture is pagan. Hawaiians didn't write the song. It depends on the words of the song, how it is being used, whether it is sensual or decent, and a bunch of other considerations as well.

The big problem with Contemporary Christian Music [CCM] is that the fans are following the apostate beliefs of the singers, the ecumenical ministers they tour with , and. Music is a spiritual medium, a vehicle, by which people's minds and hearts are influenced. Music can change a person's mood, lift up, even creating euphoria, or music can be depressing such as all the Russian songs sang in minor keys. This is The Worldview in 5 Minutes heard at www.

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  5. Christians are the 1 most persecuted people group on earth. Every 6 minutes, a Christian is kil By Adam McManus adam theworldview.

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    Wally talks about his new scale, some are trying out a 4 day week, Shia LaBeouf thanks some people, and Wally has 2 minutes to talk about wood working. By Wally Show Podcast. While the elderly man was singing G We're happy to be back with everyone, Gavin wants to be part of the gang, Obama talks about "woke" culture, Demi Lovato reminds us she's human, and we're asked what we don't like about Christian culture. In Januar Nerren was interrogat Dillon Chase Tedashii Home ft. Crowder Black Knigh Lecrae Tell the World ft. By Jonathan Clark 9 Iranian Christians imprisoned for their faith This week nine Iranian Christians were sentenced to five years in prison on trumped up charges for their participation in a home church in Rasht between Janua By Jonathan Clark Chinese Communists demolish 3,seat church in middle of service!

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