Quartz 2d graphics for mac os x developers pdf

This book also serves as an introduction to 2D graphics concepts, including how images are drawn and how color is rendered.

It includes guidance for working with PDF documents, drawing bitmap graphics, using Quartz built-in color management, and drawing text. He has over 20 years of experience working with the PostScript and PDF imaging model that is at the heart of Quartz graphics.

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His computer career began with scientific computing while he was earning his PhD in experimental particle physics at Stanford. See Carbon User Experience Documentation.

If you use the Cocoa framework, Quartz 2D lets you access the graphics system at a very low level. You can use any Quartz function in a Cocoa application. It also describes masking techniques you can use on images and shows the various effects you can achieve by using blend modes when drawing images.

It also discusses how to copy font variations. Quartz 2D Reference Collection , organized by header file.

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This set of documents provides a complete reference to the Quartz 2D application programming interface. Sample code that demonstrates how to use graphics routines.

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Chapter 12. Drawing Offscreen

Color Management Overview , a brief introduction to the principles of color perception, color spaces, and color management systems. Mailing lists. Centerblog Articles Blogs Images. Partager sur Facebook Partager sur Twitter. Connexion Adresse du blog.

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Written by members of the development team at Apple, Programming with Quartz is the first book to describe the sophisticated graphics system of Mac OS X. By using the methods described in this book, developers had capabilities book earlier this free manner.

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